Our current apartment is in the best location, however, it has become so old and the apartment administrator does not even bother to pool some funds for renovation because they know that no one will leave this place due to its prime location. Yes, sometimes business people knows very well how to make it work and earn double revenue. Double yes because we are trapped in a dilemma as our kids' school is merely 5 minutes walk away from where we are. Due to the age of this apartment complex, even our address plaques are dilapidated that our mail man could not hardly recognize the address numbers, yay for that!

So instead of complaining and whining, the residents including us planned on buying these house plaques in huge volume from Just Address Plaques. You see, they offer such a huge discount if you buy in big volume. What is nice about their collection is the fact that you can customize them according to your design and suitable price. You can check out the site for more information. As for me, I am hoping that our mail man would be happy with our new address plaques with very clear home number.


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