A male colleague may seem to be pestering me so early in the morning, but I maintain my composure and join with his unwittingly humor. He was telling all of us, her female colleagues that his dog days are over. I could not exactly understand what point he was trying to make until I got the chance to holler up and ask him. Apparently, he found THE ONE, that one person who actually jives with insanely uncool wit and humor, read: someone to spend the rest of his life with. You see, this officemate of mine does not have a penchant for dating nor does he knows how to attract women.

Until, another male colleague referred him to this site that teaches every male how to attract women. Apparently, it works for him and he was able to get her dream woman. Hmmm, sounds like a fairytale y'all but yes, he was able to acquire some vital information and tips from the site and then eventually get rid off his annoying pick-up lines. So you see, men need some help sometimes especially when they all think about is their ego, tsk tsk.


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