I feel so guilty for my graduate school closest friend because I have been neglecting her. She has been inviting me to so many social events marking the milestones in her life, read: Wedding, House Warming and then Baby Shower. I just feel like I need to be alone at this time that I do not have the inspiration nor the energy to mingle with friends nor to attend to so many social events. But then again, my guilt has been kicking in for quite a while that I intend to surprise her with a pair of new lovely trellis which she could use for her huge garden.

I clearly remember how much she would want to buy any of these trellises, particularly these garden trellis and vinyl trellis which she saw online a few months ago. Just when they were initially planning out their dream home. Considering the limited budget they have especially now that the baby is on the way, she just put these trellises in her wish list. Now, do you think giving her a pair of gare trellises would suffice on the time that I lost touch with her? I hope so because she is one of those few people here that I trust and consider as my friend.


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