I have reached a point in my life that I am where I am supposed to be and where I want to be. No, not the financial nor social aspect, neither the career (yes I am hoping, dreaming and praying very hard that one day I would reach that) but more of the status of my relationship with dear hubby and how much we have grown with each other. You see, we are turning 8 on our marriage this December and almost 16 years of being together as we were dating since we were 16. We had our ups and downs and we also had some falling out in between those years but this time, everything just seems to be okay and feels alright. We have no small annoyances nor petty arguments here and there, I guess we learned to mellow down a bit or shall I say, our relationship matured. That or maybe, relationship grow better in time.

Knowing my husband, he did not have a hard time luring girls for the right reason. He has the charm, charisma, looks and of course, the wit that this Pick Up Artist has. In fact, he was a chick boy at that time which made me more scared to be in a relationship with him. However, I think when he saw me, he has changed and decided to be with me for the rest of his life. In fact, according to his friends, I was his good karma. On my part then, I got really scared at the thought of dating someone like him, a chick boy and a known player. But I guess my parents were so good at praying for my safety and that I find the right person and that I would not get hurt many times. Yes, indeed he was my first and last boyfriend who ended up to be the finest and loving husband and father to my kids.

You see, I always ask him tips on How To Impress Girls. I just got so amazed by the fact that he is so good with mingling with girls who ended up following him. Yes, he was the type who choose over the many girls that wanted to be his girlfriend. Then he admitted that at one point in his life, he consulted a pick up artist to teach him the perfect lines, the perfect moves, generally, the best and most useful techniques and strategies that a guy should utilize to woo a girl in the most modest and polite way. So yes, guys, it always start at those first few lines and it does not hurt to ask for tips from the experts instead of appearing like a fool to your girls. Set aside your egos and reassess yourselves. If you think you do not have enough skills and words to woo a girl, try out the site and hire a pick up artist. That will do the trick. For that, I wish you all goodluck as you try to find the person of your dreams.


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