I was reviewing our 2011 Goals and was surprised that we have only accomplished 1/4 of the list. I guess next year, I will trim down our family's and my personal goals to 5. Also, I will make sure they are all realistic goals. However, dear husband is trying his very best to meet one of our major goals this year and that is to buy a bigger car, perhaps a SUV or a van. In fact, for the past few weeks, I have been seeing him checking out Trusted Dealers's site as well as those in the neighborhood.

I also overheard his phonecall with a friend based in United Kingdom, talking about particular Trusted Dealers which he could use to search online for a used car. You see, when buying cars, it is very important that we only go to Trusted Dealers as a way of getting a guarantee of quality and also to make sure you are visitin sites with huge amounts of choice. For this particular site, they have around 28,000 used cars, whoa! I guess buying a new car is all about gut and self-confidence, if you think you are ready for a new investment, make sure you are backed up with a good financial standing plus the courage to make that decision.


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