I am so ready for 2012, I have never been this excited about the coming year until today. I guess 2011 was not the kind of year I expected it to be that is why I am yearning for a new and better year for me, well not only for me but also for my family. Other than that, I am so serious about the changes I want for myself next year and I cannot wait for these changes to unfold and turn to better habits, eventually a better version of me. You see, I vowed not to buy purses within the next couple of years and also not to buy any new make-up and other unimportant shopping extravaganza. Every little shopping I plan to do next year will be for our home and family. Some of items in my 2012 to buy list includes these cheap hitches, a couple of bigger items such as these wall dividers home depot and of course, one of these valance shower curtains.

When doing shopping online, I always turn to Become.com because they have a comprehensive information and tips of everything you need to know about online shopping. Other than that, they do a lot of comparisons of prices that you get to save more because the site will lead you to the most affordable online supplier of the stuff you are looking for. Also, their detailed information and description about the item has made online shopping such a breeze. So I am hoping to even save more by checking their site when I do my online shopping next year.


Justin Sara said...

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