The first time I heard about Nigerian Songs was when a friend of mine was downloading Online Nigerian Music from He was so excited to share about great Artists such as IcePrince, Wizkid, MI, Eldee and D'banj. At first, it took me some time to appreciate the Nigerian music but as soon as he let me watch some Nigerian Movies or what they call the Nollywood films, which are both classic and contemporary, I was in awe with the musical scoring in the Nigerian movie that we watch. Yes, he is a Nigerian and he was so proud to be one.

You see, I am glad to be meeting a lot of people from different cultures. Not only does my horizon on the global arena is being widen but I get so interested that people appreciate different types of interests yet they can actually understand each other cultural differences. If you are open to hear a different kind of music or if you are interested to widen your film knowledge, you can check out and be able to download Nigerian music from great artists as well Nollywood films and movies that are so entertaining.


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