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There are several key issues that drive couples to divorce, but divorce is rarely caused by only one factor. If the couple was serious in their commitment vows, it usually takes many problems over a long period of time to erode the relationship to the point they're ready to give up. Some couples divorce simply because they did not have the level of commitment they believed they did when they married.

High Levels of Conflict
The legal term is incompatibility, but the laymen's term is fighting a lot. Some couples are unable to resolve conflict. This might be due to an unwillingness to change or to forgive. One partner may be recklessly spending money or failing to put the time and effort necessary into the relationship. Constant fighting and hurt feelings are unhealthy for the marriage partners, as well as to children in the household. When issues keep causing fights, anger, hurt and resentment, many couples end up in divorce court.

Loss of Intimate Connection
Many couples realize at some point that they no longer share their thoughts and feelings with each other or enjoy any type of intimacy, either physical or emotional. This loss of connection leaves one or both partners feeling lonely and isolated. In some cases, this situation can lead to extramarital affairs. This problem can sometimes be resolved by a couple committed to making it work, but if one or both partners aren't willing to lay aside their own selves to invest in the relationship, it usually means divorce.

Whether it is due to the loss of intimacy in the marriage or just lust, some partners cheat. Though a few couples report successful counseling and are able to mend the relationship, in an overwhelming number of marriages, cheating spells the end. In addition to the betrayal cheating represents, the cheater opens the door for unwanted pregnancy or STD's.

Making Your Decision
If you and your partner are willing to try to make it work, seek counseling. Set aside time during each week to talk alone and work on your problems. If it becomes clear that things simply aren't working, seek help from divorce lawyers. They can help you protect what is valuable to you and guide you through the process of filing court papers and arranging custody settlements with your partner. Don't try to do it alone. The issues are too emotional and your belongings are too valuable not to have good legal representation.
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